Rent: All prices listed below are per person.

A payment of the full rent must be made along with the security deposit in order to secure your room.

Room NameBedWeeklyMonthly (4 Weeks)
2A1 Beds$275$990
2B1 Beds$250$900
4A2 Beds$225$810
4B2 Beds$225$810
6A4 Beds$210$760
6B4 Beds$210$760

Parking Fee:

$50 / Month *Non Refundable

Security Deposit:

If you want to make a reservation, you should

pay the security deposit and rent with reservation form.

The all amount of the deposit will be non-refundable if you move out earlier than the original move-out date on the agreement.

1 Night to 4 Weeks$200
Over 4 Weeks to 8 Weeks$250
Over 8 Weeks to 12 Weeks$300

Security deposit: Non refundable in case of cancellation, this deposit will convert into a refundable security deposit 3-5 business days after the move out.

  • $50 will be deducted for cleaning when you move out.
  • Additional $50 will be deducted if you don’t return the room key.
  • Additional $150 will be deducted if you don’t return the main key.

Cancellations and Refunds:

Cancellation and refund request for the security deposit must be submitted in writing.

Calculations for the security deposit are as the chart below.

Prior to Move-in DateRefund
7 Days100%
3-6 Days50%
2 Days0%

Check-in: Monday to Friday (during office hour***): 10:00AM–4:30PM

Check-out: 11:00 AM

Late check-out: $30.00 extra fee